One World WiFi Network: Fast, Secure, Easy!

One World WiFi LLC is proud to present in-building WiFi for Apartment and Condominium communities throughout the greater Boston area. We provide the infrastructure and provide access to the network (One World WiFi.)


If One World WiFi is available in your building, your management will notify you. The network is available in 4 low price plans. Contact: to learn more!







If you are a current subscriber of the One World WiFi network and wish to increase coverage in your residence, you can purchase either the OM2P or OM2P-HS at our online store for a discount.


Please contact and provide the address of the building you reside in. We will provide you with a coupon code for your purchase. Once the purchase is made, we will ship the device pre-configured.


If you are a management company looking to provide a low-cost option for wireless internet to your residents:


Contact: to learn how One World WiFi gets it done!





Boston, MA, USA